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Eco Refractory Solutions Inc.
The Eco Refractory Solutions Inc. hydrometallurgical process, still in the testing phase, is expected to provide numerous benefits including projected capital and operating costs significantly lower than other methods. The process is in large part a closed system regenerating and recycling its principal reagents. In addition, the process neutralizes arsenic and oxidizes sulphides, the source of acid mine drainage, transforming them into environmentally stable forms.

Duparquet Assets Ltd.
Duparquet Assets Ltd., holder of the Duquesne West gold property which is currently under option to Xmet Inc., is owned 50% by Globex and 50% by Jack Stoch Geoconsultant Services Limited.

Globex Nevada, Inc.
Globex Nevada, Inc. is the holder of Globex's U.S. exploration properties.

Worldwide Magnesium Corporation
Worldwide Magnesium Corporation is the vehicle that will be used once the Timmins Talc-Magnesite project is sufficiently advanced to seek public financing. It is 90% owned by Globex.

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