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Wrightbar Mine - Gold
Bourlamaque Township, Quebec (NTS 32D/01)

The Wrightbar Gold Property consists of 10 claims (217 hectares) situated at the west boundary of Bourlamaque Township, Quebec. Globex owns 100% interest in the property.

Paved highway 117 passes near the south boundary of the property and a gravel road extends from highway 117 to the centre of the property.

Wrightbar PropertyHistory
The first recorded work on the property refers to the discovery of a copper showing in the 1920's. The following is a brief list of exploration carried out on the property.

1926 to 1930
Cariboo Corporation Ltd. trenching and drilling on the property mainly on adjoining claims which are now to the south of the property.

1971 to 1981
Manitou Barvue Mines Ltd. optioned the property and ceded the property to Soquem in 1976.

Northwest Resources discovers gold bearing quartz veins.

Wrightbar Mines Ltd. acquired the property and performed numerous drill campaigns with encouraging gold results.

Wrightbar made an agreement with Belmoral Mines Ltd. Over 28,316 metres (92,900 feet) were drilled up to 1988

A ramp was driven to a vertical depth of 180 metres (590 feet) along with 3,260 metres (10,695 feet) of underground workings (drifts, galleries, raises). A total of 11,873 metres (38,953 feet) of underground drilling was performed. 10,076 tonnes were mined before the closure of the underground exploration program in June 1988.

Lithos Corporation received approval to reopen the underground workings. By April 1996, Lithos completed 430 metres (1,411 feet) of underground workings and 8,170 metres (26,805 feet) of underground drilling. It was reported that by April 1996, 79,478 tonnes grading 0.19 oz/ton Au was mined. The operation was closed in 1997 but no final figure is available of the total tonnage mined.

Globex Mining Enterprises acquired 100% interest in the property.

The property is underlain almost exclusively by the Bourlamaque batholith within which all the known gold zones are found.

The Bourlamaque is principally a quartz diorite. Three phases of diorite have been recognized on the property.a) Green porphyritic diorite composed of approximately 40% feldspar phenocrysts of about 5mm length. Quartz crystals make up 10% of the rock and can reach up to 10mm in length.b) Diorite of medium grain size (2 to 3 mm) displaying a grey colour. Quartz makes up 20 to 25% of the rock.c) Silicified diorite of fine grain size and grey colour. The rock type contains approximately 5% chlorite and ferromagnesiums in an aphanitic matrix. Epidote is a frequent alteration.

Contacts between the three types of diorite are gradational.

Structure & Mineralization
The Wrightbar gold zones are located within the border area of the Bourlamaque batholith where the batholith is in contact with Val d'Or formation volcano-sediments. The geological setting of the gold zones is similar to the Dumont, Perron and D'or Val gold deposits to name a few.

The gold is found in sub-vertical to shallowly dipping lenses which are largely composed of quartz, carbonates and tourmaline. These lenses occur in major fault zones that vary in width from 1.5 metres to 16 metres as well as in secondary faults. The lenses are often highly deformed and/or faulted and in some cases are brecciated when traversed by late faulting. The veins and lenses are generally narrow and high grade (reportedly up to 146.78 g/t Au over 0.6m).

Quartz makes up approximately 70% of the vein material with carbonates (15 to 20%) and tourmaline (5 to 10%) making up most of the rest. Pyrite and chalcopyrite are generally minor constituents (±1%) but can make up to 25% of the vein material in certain cases. The veins are bordered by sericite and carbonate alteration.

Mineral Potential
Previous work by Wrightbar and Belmoral Mines between 1986 and 1988 identified historical non NI-43-101 resources of 304,657 short tons grading 0.227 oz/ton Au including a 25% dilution factor. (Source: Lithos Corporation Annual Report 1995). This non NI 43-101 conformable resource  was identified above the 500 foot level and represents 70,000 ounces of gold.

In 1995, Lithos Corporation reopened the underground workings and are reported to have extracted 79,478 short tons of rock grading 0.19 oz/ton Au by April 1996. No final production number is available but it is thought that approximately 200,000 tons (non NI 43-101 conformable) of mineralized material of unknown grade remains accessible via the existing underground workings.

Paraphrased from Evaluation Report of the Wrightbar Property for Lithos Corporation by D. Gaudreault, B. Ing. and J.P. Huertas, Geol., B.Sc., April 1996, Geologica

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