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Nordeau Project - Gold, Iron Royalty
Vauquelin, Pershing and Denain Townships, Quebec (NTS 32C/03 and 32N/14)

Updated October, 2022

NI 43-101 Technical Report and Mineral Resource Estimates for the Chimo Mine and West Nordeau Gold Deposits, Chimo Mineand East Cadillact Properties, Quebec, Canada. Prepared  for Cartier Resources Inc. by InnovExplo, Val d'Or (Quebec)
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2019 Technical Report and Mineral Resource Estimate for East Cadillac Gold Project, Val D'Or, Québec for Chalice Gold Mines Limited.Prepared by John Langton (M.Sc., P.Geo.) and Vincent Jourdain (Ph.D., P.Eng.)
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The birth of a potential new mining district in the Abitibi
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Technical Report and Mineral Resource Estimate for East Cadillac Gold Project, Val D'Or, Québec for Chalice Gold Mines Limited.
Prepared by John Langton (M.Sc., P.Geo.) and Vincent Jourdain (Ph.D., P.Eng.)

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Nordeau Regional Geology Map October 2016


Nordeau Claim Map as at September 2016

Updating property information. Please check back later.

The Nordeau project consists of 54 claims totalling 1,454 hectares located in Vauquelin, Pershing and Denain Townships, approximately 50 km east-southeast of Val-d’Or. 

The property consists of 37 claims owned 100% by Globex and 17 claims in which Globex has a 60% ownership. 

The property is easily accessible from paved highway 117 via secondary roads.

The Nordeau gold zones occur in the Archean, Trivio Formation which consists of both sedimentary and basic volcanic units.  Gold mineralization is associated with a shear corridor believed to be the eastern extension of the prolific Cadillac-Larder break.

In the mineralized areas, the Trivio Formation consists of a band of basic volcanics (Chimo Volcanic Unit) up to 400 m wide which separates two sedimentary horizons composed principally of greywacke, siltstones and lesser conglomerate.  A magnetite iron formation traverses the Nordeau East and Nordeau West claim blocks within the northern sedimentary unit.  Previous calculations based upon diamond drilling have delineated approximately 90 million tons of +25% iron bearing material.

Metamorphism in the area is mid-to upper greenschist facies approaching amphibolite metamorphic facies.  Stratigraphy trends N295o, dips approximately 70o to the north and tops face southward.  Lineations, crenulations and small folds within the shear zones generally plunge 80o to the west.

Economic Geology
Mineralization on Nordeau West 
Gold mineralization on the Nordeau West block is found in 4 distinct lenses (labeled #1, #2, #3 and North) in corridors of shearing and deformation within mafic volcanics of the Trivio formation. Wall rocks are made up of massive to pillowed or brecciated basalts or andesites with sporadic tuffaceous horizons and minor graphitic schists. Common alteration processes within the sheared rocks include silicification, amphibolitisation, carbonatization and biotitisation. 

Gold is found in brecciated zones cemented with grey smoky quartz lodes, veins or veinlets with brown tourmaline, carbonates and sulfides in an en échelon pattern within the wider deformation corridors (Jean, 1990).  Arsenopyrite is the major sulfide constituent (3-15%) with some amounts of pyrite, pyrrhotite and traces of chalcopyrite.  Gold is essentially found as free grains included in or coating the arsenopyrite grains. 

All reported structures more or less parallel to the regional schistosity, striking N280-290o and dipping 55-70o to the north.  It is reported that structures #1 and #2 are located some 25 m apart in the eastern portion of the property (separated by a pyroclastic unit 10-15 m thick) and seem to merge into structure #2 in the western part of the claim block.  Structures #1 and #2 from which historical “reserves” were estimated can be traced on most of the Nordeau West claim group (approximately 600 m laterally) and to a vertical depth locally approaching 600 m.  As pointed out by André Jean in 1990, the en échelon pattern of the lenses puts a doubt on geological or assay continuity as mineralized intersections are distributed seemingly randomly within the wide deformation corridors.   

The other reported structures are poorly defined at this time with doubtful continuity and erratic gold mineralization.  Structure #3 which is south of #1 and #2, approximately 30 m south of a graphitic marker horizon, has been traced in two stretches each about 100 m long. The North structure is found only locally at a position some 30 m north of structures #1 and #2. 

Mineralization on Nordeau East 
The most significant mineralization found in the Nordeau East claim block is found in 3 structures related to what is described as the upper iron formation of the Trivio sediments, made up of interbedded mudstones, siltstones greywackes and folded iron formations.  The 3 sub-parallel structures contain gold bearing, sulfide rich quartz veinlets or veins which are generally parallel to stratigraphic units and regional schistosity in a E-W direction with dips from 50 to 75o to the north. 

The mineralization consists in 1-5% disseminated sulfides or semi-massive sulfide veinlets (pyrite, pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite and traces of chalcopyrite) in association with quartz, chlorite, garnet and gold as the other vein constituents.  Gold is found as free grains in quartz or as inclusions in the sulfide minerals (Tremblay, 1988).  Common alteration of wall rocks includes amphibolitization, chloritization, silicification and biotitization. 

Structure #1 was traced for 450 m laterally while structure #2, 30 m south of the former, extends for 220 m, both are traced to a depth of 200 m vertically.  The structures parallel each other for some 130 m.  Structure #3 which is further east and possibly on a stratigraphic position similar to #1 has been traced for 240 m and to a depth of 150 m.

A fourth mineralized structure on Nordeau East carrying low grade erratic gold values is reported in a  shear zone in the mafic volcanics located south of the iron formation. The structure carries 1-5% disseminated sulfides in carbonatized and chloritized rocks well-developed garnets.

Previous work
In 1946-47, Oneonta Pershing Mines Ltd. completed geological and geophysical (Mag) surveys.  As a follow up, 8 holes were drilled on Nordeau West while the property was under option to Inspiration Mining and Development Co. (first gold indications in the immediate area). 

In 1948-49, Oneonta Pershing drilled an additional 27 holes totalling 3,400 m on Nordeau West. 

In 1957-58, Nordeau Mining Co. Ltd. completed a 24 hole drill program totaling 4,530 m which led to the discovery of gold bearing lenses #1, #2 and #3 on Nordeau East block. 

In 1962, Mines de Fer Vauquelin ltée was incorporated, acquired the Nordeau claims, and drilled 14 holes totalling 1,150 m to define iron ore in the sedimentary iron formations. 

From 1963 to 1965, Mines de Fer Vauquelin ltée did some sporadic work including a geophysical survey (EM) and the drilling of 5 additional holes for 700 m. 

In 1979, SOQUEM (Société Québécoise d’exploration minière) optioned the properties and until 1982 completed geophysical (Mag & EM) and geochemical surveys that led to the drilling of 41 holes for a total of 6,640 m  on Nordeau West and East.  By this time, the information gathered on the gold zones delineated on the properties was such that an initial “reserve” estimation was produced on both the West and East Nordeau lenses (Gagnon et al., 1982). From this time forward, much of the exploration focused on extending and expanding the defined mineral bodies.

In 1983, the option was transferred to Société minière Louvem inc. who completed an induced polarization survey before drilling 12 holes totaling 2,608 m and refreshing the “reserve” estimate on the Nordeau West gold zones (Blanchet, 1984). 

In 1984, Louvem completed 21 holes for 4,867 m on the Nordeau East group. 

In 1987, after reorganizing the company, Mines Vauquelin ltée took the property back and, following recommendations by Roche ltée – Groupe conseil, completed 24 holes for 4,721 m on Nordeau West and 30 holes for 5,889 m on Nordeau East. This latest drill campaign led to the estimation of historical “mineral reserves” by Roche on both the West and East Nordeau blocks. 

In their 1988 report on Nordeau East, Roche recommended an underground program with the objective of upgrading the “reserves” and defining the characteristics of the orebody. The proposal was to drive a decline to access the zones and extract a bulk sample for testing. 

In 1988, Mines Vauquelin ltée drilled 4 holes for 1,279 m on Nordeau West in an attempt to test the structure below the “reserve” blocks (no significant results, Champagne, M. J., 1985). 

In 1990, Mines Vauquelin ltée resumed drilling to test the Nordeau West structure at depth, far below any existing intersection.  Of the 7 holes drilled for a total of 3,471 m, 5 intersected the targeted gold bearing structure with most significant results as follows:  hole W-90-06 returned 5.4 gpt Au over 17.8 m and hole W-90-07 carried 3.6 gpt Au over 6.6 m, respectively at approximately 490  mand 675 m of vertical depth. 

In late 1990, Mines Vauquelin ltée and Louvem completed an exploration program on Nordeau West by surveying some of the previous holes and drilling 4 new ones for 1,942 m around the intersections of W-90-06/-07 (2 were wedged from existing holes). The targeted sheared and mineralized structure was cut by all four holes with assay results said to be disappointing (Bouliane, 1991). 

In 1994, Mines Vauquelin ltée completed a 6 short drill hole campaign totalling 619 m on an eastern claim of the Nordeau East group with the best intersection reported from hole N94-5 yielding 4.85 gpt Au over 1.3 m (Blanchet, 1994). 

Historical Mineral Resources
The most recent gold resource figures were published in 1990 by Mines Vauquelin as indicated in the table below.  The reader is cautioned that these resources were prepared prior to the application of NI 43-101 standards for reporting mineral resources and as such are not compliant with the Instrument and considered as historic resources and not to be relied upon.

ZONE GOLD GRADE (probable) GOLD GRADE (possible)
Nordeau East zone 178,428 tons @ 0.194 oz/ton Au. 202,061 tons @ 0.175 oz/ton Au
Nordeau West zone 110,700 tons @ 0.154 oz/ton Au 198,000 tons @ 0.16 oz/ton Au
Total probable and possible resource 689,259 [email protected] 0.173 oz/ton Au

Recent Work
In May 2006, Globex announced the signing of a Letter of Intent with Plato Gold Corp. whereby Plato could acquire 100% interest in Globex’s Nordeau East and West gold deposits and adjoining claims in Vauquelin township, Quebec, subject to paying Globex 1,000,000 Plato shares and staged payments of $500,000 over 2 years.  In addition, work expenditure commitments of $6,000,000, a bankable feasibility study and 2% Net metal royalty were stipulated.

In 2009, Plato Gold published a NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the Nordeau West zone (Plato press release, March 17th, 2009).  The reader is encouraged to read the full report, avaialbale on SEDAR and at Plato’s web page.  A qualified person has not reviewed the report for Globex. 

Summary of Categorized Resources at 2.75 gpt Au cut-off Grade - Nordeau West Property






 Measured Resources

 No measured resources


 Indicated Resources










 Total Measured and Indicated Resources




 Inferred Resources










 Total Inferred Resources



4 .09 


Drilling continued after the completion of the resource estimate.  The latest drill results from the Nordeau East property were released by Plato on August 31, 2011.  Selected results from the release are presented below.

NE-11-01 202 4.8 1.57
NE-11-02 240 1.5 3.01
NE-11-06 493 3.0 1.89
NE-11-07 407 1.2 2.5
 NE-11-09 428 1.0
NE-11-10 516 1.0 4.47
NE-11-11 405
NE-11-12 475 1.25 2.0
NE-11-15 480 1.0 5.39
NE-11-17 86

In April 2013, Plato discontinued its exploration activities and returned the Nordeau property to Globex.

In June 2014, Globex executed an infill sampling program, sampling the core from historical holes drilled by Plato Gold between 2006 and 2011.  1,500 m of additional core was sampled to close mineralized zones and to fill gaps between isolated or open ended gold intersections and to test potential gold bearing zones not previously sampled. The sampling returned new gold values for some of the open segments.  Two mineralized zones, not previously sampled in hole PG-06-21, returned 1.50 gpt Au over 11.8 m and 1.13 gpt Au over 9.0 m.  

The Nordeau East and West gold zones are significant gold deposits and have the potential to increase in size.  This may be accomplished through drilling at depth or by detailing of parallel, partially explored gold zones in areas north and east of the main resource blocks.

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