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Ha!Ha! Property - Silica Royalty
Boilleau Township, Quebec (NTS 22D/02)

Property Description and Location
Globex acquired 11 cells, totaling 633 ha, by staking in Boileau Township in Quebec (NTS 22D02) in mid-2014.  The property covers SE part of part of the known Boileau quartzite, where a non -compliant NI 43-101 inferred silica resource has been estimated. The resource is present on the central western part of the property. The northwestern part of the Boileau quartzite belongs to Nasitokk Holding Corporation where another silica resource has been estimated.

The Ha!Ha! Property was sold to Midatlantic Minerals Inc. for annual advance royalty payments and a $1.25 per ton royalty.

The property is located south of the Saguenay River, some 30 kilometers from the town of La Baie. The property is accessible by truck via highway 381 from La Baie towards Boileau and then via a secondary road along the shore of Lac Ha! Ha!. A forestry road crosses the property.

Uses for high purity silica have diversified and demand for high purity silica based products has increased in recent years.  The following information is extracted and translated from Quebec Geological Survey file GM 60180;

Ha Ha property Claim map

Geological Setting
The property is located in the Grenville Province high grade metamorphic terrane. Other than a massive anorthositic intrusive complex, the rocks in the property area are composed of banded paragneiss with occasional granitic intrusions.  The Boileau quartzite is located within a larger unit of pink granitic gneiss.  The quartzite strikes NW with a steep dip to the east. The quartzite mineralization is glassy, white to pink in color and coarse grained.

Union Carbide Exploration first worked on the Lac Ha!Ha! quartzite in the mid 1970’s. Drilling was performed on a 165 X 35 m area but the pegmatitic aspect of the quartz as well as the alumina (Al2O3) content did not meet company expectations.  This resource is located on the current Globex property. The intended end use of the material explored for by Union Carbide is not known.

In 1997, Ressources d’Arianne Inc. optioned the property to Complexe Minier du Saguenay who demonstrated contamination of material from crushing of samples from previous evaluation work, notably inflating the deleterious iron and Al2O3 content.  In 1998, inferred resources were estimated at 125,000 tonnes of quartz containing 99.55% SiO2, 0.219% Al2O3, 0.186% Fe2O3, 0.027% TiO2 and 0.014% CaO for the south part of the deposit.

Results sampling in 2001 led to a resource estimate of 1,630,000 t of quartz containing 99.24% SiO2, 0.521% Al2O3, 0.158% Fe2O3, 0.065% TiO2 and 0.020% CaO for the north part of the deposit.  (SiO2 content was calculated by subtracting the deleterious elements from 100%). This resource is not within the current Globex property boundary.  Resources described for the Lac Ha!Ha! property are historical resources and should not be relied upon as they have not been prepared by a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101.

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