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Silicon Ridge (St-Urbain) - Silica Royalty
NTS 21M/15, Quebec

Updated June 2016

Property Description and Location
The Property consists of eight (8) contiguous mineral cells with a total area of 463 ha.  Globex staked this property in 2014 and in July, 2014 it was sold via a third party, Fiducie Ananke, to Rogue Resources Inc. (Rogue).  Globex received 1,000,000 shares of Rogue, acquisition costs and retains a 1% Net Smelter Return (NSR).

The Property is located 100 km North-east of the city of Quebec and approximately 40 km north of the City of Baie⅕RSaint⅕RPaul, on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. 

Geological Setting
According to the November 19th, 2014 - NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Silicon Ridge (formerly Lac de la Grosse Femelle) Silica Property filed by Rogue Resources on SEDAR (;

“The Property hosts at least two (2) known mineralized zones that correspond to silica rich quartzite units (“D” and “G”) of the Petit Lac Malbaie Segment of the La Galette Formation which are the main mineralizations of interest (Figure 7). Work by Rondot (DPV682) identifies the quartzite zones “D” and “E”/”G” (Figure 6) that appear to extend onto the property. Sitec has operated on their property in the quartzite zone “E” in the past (GM58264). Quartzite “G” was the subject of limited exploration work in the past; it is easily accessible by secondary logging roads and 4X4 vehicles. It is located in the central southwest part of the Property, extends SW and NE (N50E⅕RN60E) laterally, dips sub-vertically and reaches widths of approximately 250 meters at places.

White quartzite bands of silica have in the past (GM 36592) revealed analysis of low Fe2O3 (0.04%) and Al2O3 (0.37%). The “G” Quartzite unit was resampled for silica purity later (GM 58264) and assay results returned 99.52% SiO2; 0.39% Fe2O3; 0.46% Al2O3 and 0.04% TiO2 from sample No. 37529 and 98.72% SiO2; 0.43% Fe2O3; 0.70% Al2O3 and 0.06% TiO2 from sample No. 37554 (see Figure 8).”

The reader is referred to the November 19th, 2014 - NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Silicon Ridge (formerly Lac De La Grosse Femelle) Silica Property filed by Rogue Resources on SEDAR ( for details related to the history and proposed exploration of the Silicon Ridge project.

Exploration and Development
In a press release dated December 10, 2014, Rogue announced the completion of an airborne Heli-MAG survey over the quartzites of the Femelle Project. The survey consisted of 321 km of north-northwest oriented flight lines spaced at 100 meters and is intended to better define under-exposed quartzite on the project. Rogue has also reported geochemical sampling was completed on the Femelle Project by Geologica Inc., of Val d'Or, Quebec. Of twenty two samples taken, fifteen surface samples of white quartzite were collected within one of the two quartzite units located on the property.  Six of the fifteen samples returned oxide assays ranging between 99.09 to a high of 99.54% SiO2, 0.17 to 0.59% Al2O3, 0.07 to 0.12% Fe2O3, and 0.02 to 0.12% TiO2, with the other nine samples returning oxide assays of 97.61 to a high of 98.94% SiO2.  Additional sampling was also completed along strike to the north-east.

In 2015, Rogue announced completion of over 11,000 m of drilling.  The Company’s drill program has “tested the extent of “G” and “H” Quartzite Units, including their purity, depth, width and the length of extension below surface”.  Both units remain open at depth with initial drilling designed to identify resources located primarily above valley floor topography so as to identify the initial resource that might be most easily extracted.  Down dip drilling (completed in holes GF15-1 to 3 only) was stopped at 260 m in quartzite and remains open at depth.

The company also announced that NQ and PQ size core weighing 6,998 kg (combined) was shipped to Anzaplan Dorfner in Germany where chemical analysis and metallurgical testing are being completed.  Other tests being done include; thermal stability (decrepitation), shock tests, sensor based sorting, mineralogical characterization, mineral dressing and conventional comminution, physical treatment (attrition, magnetic separation, flotation, high tension separation), chemical processing, and laboratory scale melting tests.  Part of Anzaplan’s testing will identify the processes required to further purify the quartzite and ultimately help determine usage(s) and value. 

Rogue will compile all information for inclusion in a resource report and PEA which will be undertaken by Met-Chem of Montreal, Québec. 

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September 14, 2016
Rogue Resources Announces Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment for Silicon Ridge Project

July 20, 2016
Rogue Resources Files NI 43-101 Report on its Silicon Ridge Project; Advances PEA & begins reorganization of non-core Timmins Assets

June 7, 2016
Rogue Resources Announces Initial Mineral Resource Estimate and Bulk Sample Results at Silicon Ridge

April 25, 2016
Rogue Completes Metallurgical Analysis; Confirms Commercial Potential for Silicon Ridge; Initiates Bulk Sample

April 4, 2016
Rogue Announces Final Assay Results from 2015 Diamond Drill Program, Up to 99.94% SiO2 High Purity Silica

February 11, 2016
Rogue Resources Announce Assay Results from 20 Drill Holes, Up to 99.98% High Purity Silica SiO2

September 9, 2015
Rogue Resources Announces High Grade Silica Strike Length Extended over 100 meters to 1.5 Km and Adds Second Drill to Current Program

August 20, 2015
Rogue Resources Records Silica Purity of up to 99.9% at the Femelle Silica Project

August 13, 2015
Rogue Resources Commences 5,000 Meter Drill Program at the Femelle Silica Project

December 16, 2014
Rogue Resources Releases NI 43-101 TEchnical Report on Lac de la grosse femelle Silica Project

December 10, 2014
Rogue Resources Samples up to 99.54% SiO2, Identifies 1.1KM Strike Length on One of Two Quartzite Occurrences on Recently Acquired Quebec Silica Project

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