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Ontario Lake - Titanium Dioxide, Iron, Vanadium
Côte-de-Beaupré Township, Quebec (NTS 21M/09-10)

Updated November 2021

The Lake Ontario Property consists of 28 cells totaling 1,623 ha located in Côte-de-Beaupré Township, approximately 12 km north of the Village of St-Urbain and 90 km Northeast of Quebec City.

The property is easily reached by all weather and seasonal roads.  A key must be obtained in order to open one barrier on private land.


Globex’s Ontario Lake claims are underlain by the St-Urbain Anorthositic Complex host to a number of occurrences of massive ilmenite a titanium-iron oxide (FeTiO3).

In October 2013, Globex announced that it had acquired 100% interest in 8 cells totaling 464 ha (1,146 acres) and that analysis of an ilmenite grab sample from the property assayed 59.17% Fe2O3, 38.0% TiO2 and 1,575 ppm V2O5.

Subsequently, Globex added 30 additional cells to the land package making a total of 2,202 ha and undertook a series of channel and face samples on an outcrop of massive ilmenite near the eastern boundary of the property.

Sample # From (m) To (m) Width (m) Fe2O3% TiO2% V2O5% Comments
 68951 0 1 1 41.98 27.95 0.16  
 68952 1 2 1 53.94 36.20 0.20  
 68953 2 3 1 57.98 38.84 0.22  
 68954 3 4 1 58.20 39.51 0.22  
 68955 4 5 1 59.81 39.81 0.22  
 68956 5 6 1 60.09 40.17 0.22  
 68957 6 6 0.7 59.63 39.90 0.22 Vertical Face sample
 68958 6 6.7 0.7 58.75 41.16 0.22  
 68959 6.7 6.7 1 59.36 39.71 0.22 Vertical Face sample

The outcrop of massive ilmenite measured approximately 15 m by 7 m and 2 m in height.

Prospecting also located a number of glacially transported ilmenite boulders which assayed as follows:

Sample # Fe2O3% TiO2% V2O5%
 64996 58.92 40.29 0.23
 64997 58.66 38.34 0.22

Ontario Lake Geological map 2017
ap showing location of magnetic anomaly up glaciation from ilmenite glacial debris.

Ontario Lake Promo 2017

The Ontario Lake property has had little or no exploration undertaken on it although records indicate 2 historical drill holes were done in the area of the outcrop of massive ilmenite but no results or reports are available.

The property is surrounded by a large package of cells held by Vior Exploration Society Inc. which has optioned their cells to Iluka Resources Ltd., the world’s largest producer of TiO2. Vior has flown magnetometer surveys over much of their property, completed selective gravity surveys as well as prospecting, geological mapping and trenching, channel sampling and analysis.  They undertook additional airborne magnetic surveys in 2017 followed by gravity surveys in select areas and diamond drill holes are planned starting in July 2019.

Globex Work Out
In the first quarter of 2017, Globex piggy backed an airborne magnetometer survey in the area with Vior using the services of Novatem, thereby saving on mobilization and demobilization cost. The survey located a large (approx 1,200 m x 1,000 m) magnetic anomaly directly north (up glaciation) of a large debris field of glacial transported ilmenite fragments and the outcrop of massive ilmenite reported in various Globex press releases.

Follow up exploration consisting of additional prospecting, geological mapping, soil sampling and a gravity survey over a priority target area in the south portion of the claim block. Four priority targets have been defined for drilling. 

Titanium dioxide is used as a white powder pigment because of its brightness and high refractive index in the manufacture of paints, plastics, paper, textiles, cosmetics, sunscreen and ceramics.

Titanium dioxide is seeing growing demand in photocatalysts due to its oxidative and hydrolysis properties. As a photocatalyst, it can improve the efficiency of electrolytically splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, and it can produce electricity in nanoparticles form. Applications include light-emitting diodes, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and electrodes for plasma displays.

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